John Ayliff

Indie game developer and freelance games writer/narrative designer.

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Selected Portfolio

Deferred Action

Humorous text-based puzzle game about bureaucracy, commissioned by Grokkist Ltd. (2024)

Beyond the Chiron Gate

Large text-based space exploration roguelike with extensive procedural generation, available for web, iOS, and Android (2022)


Space colonization strategy game, available for web, iOS, and Android. A viral hit, with 500,000 downloads for the Android version (2017)

Cyborg Arena

Besides Seedship and Beyond the Chiron Gate, I've published several interactive stories on (2017-2021)

Belt Three

Science fiction novel, published by Harper Voyager (2015)


As a content developer for RuneScape I designed and wrote many pieces of content, including story-heavy quests (2005-2014)